Welcome to LEA

LEA is an organization of 420+ education professionals in the Longview School District. 

LEA is the exclusive bargaining representative for all “educational employees,” including certificated teachers and certificated support staff, and substitute teachers.

LEA is a local association affiliated with the WEA and NEA.  We represent and support education employees by advocating for their professional needs, assisting them in resolving conflicts, and listening to their concerns.  LEA negotiates with the school district on behalf of teachers the wages, hours and working conditions.

LEA is a democratic organization.  Members of our Board of Directors are elected representatives from each of the Longview schools.  They meet monthly and guide the decisions of the association.  The officers include the president, vice-president, secretary, treasurer, and communications director.  The president and vice-president are elected by the general membership each spring.  The other officers are appointed by the president for one year terms.  General membership meetings are held twice a year and provide all members an opportunity to ask questions and express their concerns.  In addition all members are always welcome to attend Board of Directors meetings or share their concerns directly with the officers.

To communicate with our members LEA publishes a monthly newsletter called the LEAder which is sent to school emails.  We communicate bargaining and political information using an email service called Constant Contact.  If you are not receiving the LEAder please contact your building representative or LEA president.

LEA is the largest education association within the Lower Columbia Uniserv which covers an area from Kalama to Long Beach.  We have an office at the WEA/Uniserv building on Robbins Road in West Longview. 

We look forward to working with you to make our schools the best they can be and to make your teaching experience in Longview a successful and positive one. 

Ray Clift, LEA office 636-2411 - rclift@washingtonea.org